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every $50 MXN donated equals 1 sq mt of A naturE reserve protected for 4 years.

Our current Nature Reserve:

Dzilam State Reserve – a mangrove reserve in Yucatan

How to adopt?

How to adopt square meters to protect the natural reserves? 



Learn more about our nature reserve portfolio and decide how many square meters you want to help protect. Each square meter equals

$50 MXN ($2 USD)

Euro Bill


Make your donation through Paypal or bank deposit.



Indicate in the concept of the payment, in which natural reserve you want to adopt the square mts. You can choose more than one.



If you need a donation receipt, send us an email to with a copy of your deposit voucher.

Vervet Monkey


You have now helped protect the selected square meters of the natural reserve(s) for four years.

Tropical Leaves

Current Portfolio of Nature Reserves

AI for Climate aims to contribute to achieving climate stability, a more sustainable economy, and healthy populations by harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AI for Climate will create in each reserve an AI-powered system to monitor the health and protection of the nature reserve and work with local communities on its conservation.

Our system will allow us to identify risks to the reserve and opportunities to improve its protection mechanisms. We will be able to see and listen to the reserve in real-time, learning from it every day, and making each time better decisions to protect the species.

Dzilam State Reserve

The Dzilam Reserve State is located north of the state of Yucatán and encompasses a great portion of the municipalities of Dzilam de Bravo and San Felipe and a smaller portion of the municipality of Dzilam González. It's over 69 thousand hectares. In general, the coastal zones are formed by different types of ecosystems, including springs and wetlands, mangroves, marine estuaries, salt ponds and ponds, beaches and dunes, coral reef systems, seagrasses, which are among the most productive systems in the world and at the same time highly threatened.

Conservation Priority Species: Sea turtles, swamp crocodile, pink flamingo, split-tailed hummingbird, and jaguar.

Project surface (acres): 98 acres in Stage 1

Type of Project: Nature-reserve monitoring with the support of AI

Type of Ecosystem: Mangrove Reserve

Total cost of Project: $1,000,000 USD

Project execution time: 4 years

Number of Milestones: 2

AI for Climate will create an AI-powered system to monitor the health and protection of the nature reserve. The monitoring with data-collecting devices and the data analysis with AI allows us to know much more about an ecosystem and their species than the more traditional monitoring strategies.


Adopt a square meter

Choose to adopt square meters to help protect the natural reserves in the AI for Climate portfolio. 



Who manages the funds? 

C Minds, a non-profit tech for impact action tank with a legal base in Mexico and the United States. It is a key organization in the use of AI for social good in Latin America that designs and deploys bold initiatives for social change, transforming ideas into pragmatic strategies. The women-led international team seeks to future-proof communities, governments, and companies in light of the Fourth Industrial Revolution by contributing to more inclusive and human-centered public policy and advancing the debate around ethical tech. This is achieved by collaborating with international organizations and all levels of government, from federal to state and municipal, to co-design and implement pioneering strategies that place people at the center of the conversation.

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