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The information transmitted from AI for Climate's Living Labs will enrich the AI for Climate Data Pool.

The main goal is the open training of Algorithms for the increasingly effective protection of nature reserves.


We are working with amazing partners that are leading the creation of a new internet, one which will allow humanity to have a 3D model of the world, where any value chain, any physical asset, and any infrastructure project can be represented and visualized in real-time.


Its name? The Spatial Web.

AI for Climate's Data Pool can provide valuable information for the representation of the world's ecosystems in the Spatial Web. Having ecosystems represented and visualized is far more than a statement: it will allow a real-time window to make transparent the opaque: what is happening in the wilderness right now?

We aim at helping humanity advance concrete answers to two extremely complex aspects still missing the carbon accounting equations:

  • How much carbon are coastal and marine ecosystems actually capturing?

  • Under disruptive circumstances, how much is and could be released back to the atmosphere?

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