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The AI for Climate Global Forum brings together experts from the fields of AI, conservation, disruptive technologies, economy, public policy and more, to explore and discuss the power of AI to advance the Sustainable Development Goals and the Global Climate Agenda.


Opening Session

Join Constanza Gómez-Mont and Christopher Córdova, Co-founders of the AI for Climate initiative, and Lucía Tróchez Ardila, Global Forum Director on the opening of this global event.

Image by Derek Liang

AI for Biodiversity

Climate change and biodiversity loss are two of the most pressing challenges of our time, and they must be addressed together.

During the sessions that make up this track, you will hear some of the most innovative examples of the use of responsible and sophisticated AI techniques, Blockchain, NFTs, remote sensing, image analysis, and more, to preserve endangered species, crops and biodiversity, restore degraded ecosystems, and tackle biodiversity loss.

Leveraging ai for species monitoring and protection

Join Tanya Berger-Wölf, Topher White, and Susan Oh, for an exciting conversation where they present fantastic examples for the use of images analysis, bioacoustics, and NFTs, to protect and better understand biodiversity.

AI for science based decision-making to tackle biodiversity loss

Nils Hempelmann, Innovation Program Manager at the Open Geospatial Consortium,  shares examples of the state-of-the-art machine learning methods, like face recognition for animals,

New technologies for ecosystem restoration

Join Clara Rowe, Jorge Rickards, and Katie Reytar, three experts in ecosystem restoration, that engange in a dynamic and insightful conversation about the present and future of the use of emerging technologies in this field; from the innovations in remote sensing, to social impact, and more.

Biodiversity and food systems

Join this enriching conversation between Dr. Jyotsna Puri, Associate Vice-President of the Strategy and Knowledge Department; and Dr. Máximo Torero, Chief Economist at FAO. They share examples of the the newest computational and technological tools that can be applied for good in the agriculture sector, their potential impacts on society, and more.

Image by Angela Lo

AI for Water

We must accelerate efforts to preserve one of our most valuable resources: water.


In this track, you'll witness a pair of fantastic conversations about how the use of machine learning methods, bio-acoustics, climate modeling, and more; can accelerate the development of public policies focused on preserving the world's oceans and water reserves.

AI for resilient oceans

Join Rodolfo Lacy, Melissa Garvey, Kate Moran, and Francisco Quiroga. A group of experts that deepens on the applications of different AI methods to better understand the role of oceans in climate, to monitor marine mammals, and more. They tell us more about the economic benefits of protecting the oceans, the role of including and impacting coastal communities, and more.

AI for safe access to water

Join Nicolas St-Gelais, Rendani Mamphiswana, and Kate, three experts that share their knowledge in the field of urban water, public policy, the potential impacts of climate change our water reserves, and more.

Image by Karsten Würth (➡️ @karsten.wuerth)

AI for Net Zero

Net-zero targets seek to significantly decline the use of CO2, oil, and carbon, which can play a crucial role in limiting global warming to 1.5˚C,

In this track, you will listen to incredible ways in which AI methods are being applied in the energy and transportation sector to optimize the power grid, automotive emissions; and improve the renewables market.

Leveraging AI for clean energies and to mitigate GHG emissions

Join Priya Donti and Andrés Fernández  for this exciting conversation about the technological, social, ethical, and environmental implications of AI systems' entire lice cycle for climate purposes, like reaching net-zero industries.

AI for Net-Zero Energy

Join Peter Clutton-Brock, Co-founder of the Centre for AI and Climate for this keynote, in which he shares his experience and trajectory in bringing all stakeholders together to discuss decision-making mechanisms to cut down emissions, halt deforestation, and more.

sustainable and intelligent mobility for a better tomorrow

Join Maya Ben-Dror and Aldo Pérez for an insightful conversation on the current impacts of the automotive sector, and the opportunities that the use of AI systems bring to promote a smarter and more sustainable sector, as well as the potential of urban planning in cutting down emissions.

AI for renewables

Join Nitasha Badhwar, Founder and CEO of Sunpower Renewables, in this special keynote about the potential and challenges of the use of AI systems to optimize the power grid and energy consumption, make the renewables market more profitable and attractive. And don't miss the showcase of an innovative technology for solar energy

Image by Béla Bakó

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AI for People

People and communities must be placed at the center of all conservation efforts. Especially when it comes to the use of emerging technologies, Big Data, AI systems, and more.

In this track you will learn more about the power of people in advancing climate action, innovation, financing, and conservation through the use of frontier technologies; as well as the ethical considerations that must be applied throughout AI systems life cycle.

Financing ethical AI for climate resilience

Join Chante Harris and Luis Rossano for a powerful conversation where they share incredible examples of the latest technologies that are addressing environmental challenges, and what kind of innovative and conscious business models we should be moving towards.

AI for the Sustainable Development Goals

Join Chantal Line-Carpentier, Clovis Freire, and María Pérez-Ortiz to witness the presentation of the latest UN's Technology and Innovation Report 2021, as well as a conversation between these fine experts  that deepen on the impacts of AI systems on societies and in several SDGs.

Ethical AI and climate change: leaving no one behind

Join Gabriela Ramos, Clara Neppel, and Gemma Santana, three leading women in their fields, for a fantastic and insightful conversation about the potential impacts of both climate change and AI systems in different levels of society, and the actions that States and industries should follow to ensure the ethical design and deployment of AI systems throughout AI's entire lice cycle.

The future of conservation: Showcasing of Victoria AI

Join Constanza Gómez-Mont, Christopher Cordova, Luis Rossano, and Gold Hood to learn about the startup Victoria AI, which seeks to promote profitable conservation actions through the use of emerging technologies like blockchain, AI systems, and more, for everyone, worldwide.


Access this masterclass about the technical uses of AI for Biodiversity Protection, created specially for this event by CRIM, the University of Sherbrooke, the University of Liége and the Mingan Island Cetacean Study. 


AI for

TanyaBW19 -1.jpeg

Tanya Berger-Wolf

Director. Translational Data Analytics Institute, Ohio State University. Director, Wild Me

Track: AI for Biodiversity

Nitasha profile picture (1).jpg

Nitasha Badhwar

CEO & Founder, Sunpower Renewables

Track: AI for Net-Zero


Priya Donti

Co-Founder and Chair, Climate Change AI

Track: AI for Net-Zero

Andres Fernandez Color png.png

Andrés Fernández

Climate Risk and ESG Manager, Hartree

Track: AI for Net-Zero


Gabriela Ramos

Assistant-Director-General for the Social and Human Sciences, UNESCO​

Track: AI for People

DP - Rendani Mamphiswana.jpg

Rendani Mamphiswana

Head, Research and Innovation, Nafasi Water

Track: AI for Water

Maximo official photo 1.jpg

Maximo Torero

Chief Economist, FAO

Track: AI for People


Chante Harris

Director, Climate Investments and Partnerships, SecondMuse

Track: AI for People

jyotsna puri.jpg

Jyotsna Puri

Associate Vice President Strategy and Knowledge Department, IFAD

Track: AI for Net-Zero

peter clutton.jpg

Peter Clutton-Brock

Co-founder, Centre for AI & Climate

Track: AI for Net-Zero

Maya Ben Dror (1).jpg

Maya Ben Dror

Portfolio Lead, Sustainable Automotive, and Mobility, World Economic Forum

Track: AI for Net-Zero

Aldo photo (1).jpg

Aldo Pérez

Senior Product Operations Manager, Cruise

Track: AI for Net-Zero

CR_headshot (1).jpg

Clara Rowe


Track: AI for Biodiversity


Katie Reytar

Senior Researcher, World Resources Institute

Track: AI for Biodiversity


Topher White

CEO and Founder, Rainforest Connection

Track: AI for Biodiversity


Nils Hempelmann

Innovation Manager, Open Geospatial Consortium

Track: AI for Biodiversity

Kate Moran 2012-02 a copy 4.jpg

Kate Moran

President and CEO, Ocean Networks Canada

Track: AI for Water


Melissa Garvey

Global Director of Ocean Protection, The Nature Conservancy

Track: AI for Water


Chantal Line-Carpentier

Chief, New York Office, UNCTAD

Track: AI for People

Clovis Freire_3.png

Clovis Freire

Economic Affairs Officer, UNCTAD

Track: AI for People


Gemma Santana

Former Director, 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, Mexico's Government​

Track: AI for People


María Pérez-Ortíz

Senior Researcher, University College London

Track: AI for People

Luis Rossano (2).jpg

Luis Rossano,

Co-Founder, Victoria AI

Track: AI for People


Jorge Rickards

General Director, WWF México

Track: AI for Biodiversity

Rodolfo Lacy_Photo.jpg

Rodolfo Lacy

Director for the Environment Directorate, OECD

Track: AI for Biodiversity


Susan Oh

CMO for BeOmni by Beyond Imagination

Track: AI for Biodiversity


Nicolas St-Gelais

Co-Founder & Scientific Director, CANN Forecast

Track: AI for Water


H.E. Mr. Francisco Quiroga

Mexican Ambassador to Germany

Track: AI for Water

Clara Neppel.png

Clara Neppel

Senior Director, IEEE European Business Operations

Track: AI for People

WhatsApp Image 2021-11-25 at 10.11.35.jpeg

Gold Hood

Co-Founder, Victoria AI

Track: AI for Biodiversity

Constanza Gómez Mont Profile Picture.jpg

Constanza Gómez-Mont

Co-Founder, AI for Climate

Track: AI for Biodiversity

IMG_20200206_141131 (3).jpg

Christopher Córdova

Co-Founder & Director, AI for Climate

Track: AI for Biodiversity


Tom Landry

Senior Advisor, Partnerships and Business Development, CRIM

Track: AI for Biodiversity


Jérôme Théau

Professor, Department of Applied Geomatics, University of Sherbrooke

Track: AI for Biodiversity

samuel foucher.png

Samuel Foucher

Senior Researcher, CRIM

Track: AI for Biodiversity


Richard Sears

President, Mingan Island Cetacean Study

Track: AI for Biodiversity


Alexandre Delplanque

PhD Student, University of Liège, Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech​

Track: AI for Biodiversity


Kate Turner

Carbon Offset Lead, AI for Climate

Track: AI for Water


Lucía Tróchez

Director, AI for Climate Global Forum

Track: AI for Biodiversity


Regina Cervera

Coordinator, AI for Climate Global Forum


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