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July 26 - August 5

Listen to 8 great conversations about the use of disruptive technologies for the conservation and restoration of the environment, with a special focus on Mexico and Latin America.

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Marketing and Strategy Director at Huawei

Amazing Speakers

Get to know the special guest experts, industry leaders, academics, and NGO leaders who shared their ideas and initiatives about the use of disruptive technologies for the conservation and restoration of the environment, with a special focus on Mexico and Latin America.


Data Scientist at Accenture

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Researcher at CEDO Intercultural


PhD Student at Harvard



Co-founder and CEO at Dymaxion Labs


President of the Mexican Society of Artificial Intelligence

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Associate Director for Environmental Assessment at South Pole



Deputy Chief of Regional Office, United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) Americas & Caribbean

Content of the Series

Relive the AI for Climate's Mexico Lightning Talks Series and learn more about the use of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence to tackle environmental challenges from leading voices in their fields. 

Protecting biodiversity with AI - Big Cats preservation

Learn about how industry leaders are taking action and tackling biodiversity loss in this amazing Lightning Talks on Big Cats preservation.

Speaker: Joaquín Saldaña

Language: Spanish 

Image by A G

Exploring the intersection of environmental justice and unintended consequences of AI

Climate change and emerging technologies are shaping our world. Click here to learn more about the intersection of AI, human wellbeing, and environmental protection.

Speaker: Bogdana Rakova

Language: English / Spanish 

Image by Max Langelott

AI for Sustainable Development Goals

SDGs lay the foundation for establishing critical pathways for a sustainable planet. Find out how AI systems can help us meet these goals.

Speaker: Félix Castro

Language: Spanish 

Mangrove ODS

Protecting Forests and Endagered Species with AI: 

Learn more about wildlife poaching prevention leveraging machine learning from a leading expert in the field.

Speaker: Lily Xu

Language: English /Spanish 


Technology to protect our oceans

With the world being 71% water, learn more about the use of AI to help enhance the protection of the oceans and coasts around the world through this Lightning Talk.

Speaker: Hem Nalini Morzaria-Luna

Language: Spanish

Image by Bart van meele

Use of geospatial technologies for naturally originated disasters resilience

Extreme weather events pose a great threat to humanity as we know it. Click here to learn more about how we can prepare for them with technology.

Speaker: Nahuel Arenas García

Language: Spanish


Predicting global warming effects with AI Systems

In this lightning talk, we reviewed some of the applications of AI and other emerging technologies to model, predict, and monitor the possible effects of global warming in our environment.

Speaker: Federico Bayle

Language: Spanish

Image by Roxanne Desgagnés

Investing in Climate Tech

This Lightning Talk expanded on mobilizing financial resources to invest in climate solutions, climate tech, and conservation efforts.

Speaker: Eliana Molina

Language: Spanish

Image by Nicholas Doherty
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