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Harnessing the power of community centered approaches, machine learning, and multisector collaborations to monitor and protect endangered species in the Yucatan peninsula mangroves.

The Yucatan Peninsula, located in southeastern Mexico, has a great diversity of ecosystems ranging from tropical rainforests to coral reefs, petenes, mangroves, dunes, cenotes and ojos de agua, coastal lagoons, caves and subway rivers, among others. Nationally, the peninsula has 54% of Mexico's mangroves and the largest continuous rainforest. However, all of these ecosystems are undergoing rapid deterioration due to human activities and climate change, with nearly 80% of the rainforests disturbed and only 22% of their territorial extension covered by mature vegetation, mainly concentrated in natural protected areas.

To accelerate the effective conservation and regeneration of biodiversity and ecosystem health , the multi sector initiative, Tech4Nature Mexico, was born to strengthen the monitoring, conservation and understanding of the effects of climate change on ecosystems and priority species.  This includes threatened species such as the jaguar, spider monkey and other species in a protected area in the coastal zone of southeastern Mexico. This is done through machine learning, data from eco-acoustic and camera-trap image monitoring. Moreover, this initiative harnesses the power and potential of multisector collaborations and community-centered approaches to untap the biodiversity conservation protection of a key area of Latin America.  

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