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Tech4Nature Mexico, a flagship initiative using technology for nature conservation

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and Huawei have chosen Tech4Nature Mexico as one of the exemplary cases showcasing best practices in utilizing technology for global environmental conservation.

In the report 'Tech4Nature - Solutions in Focus', IUCN and Huawei present 22 cases from 19 countries of how technology is effectively used to conserve nature, and Mexico is one of them, showcasing the solution “Harnessing the power of AI and community-centered approaches to monitor jaguars in the Yucatán Peninsula”, project led by C Minds, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the Government of Yucatán and Huawei's Tech4All, in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Yucatán, Rainforest Connection, and the local community.

What is Tech4Nature Mexico?

Tech4Nature México is an initiative that continuously monitors biodiversity in the Dzilam de Bravo reserve in Yucatán to identify species in the region. With Huawei Cloud Artificial Intelligence platforms, the collected data is analyzed to classify and identify jaguars, and other umbrella species.

With the data provided by 20 cameras and 60 acoustic monitoring devices (audiomoths), information is obtained on how climate change is affecting priority ecosystems on the northern coast of the Yucatán Peninsula.

Image captured by the camera traps installed

In the first 3 months of monitoring, more than 19,700 images and more than 170,000 audio recordings have been collected. So far, at least 49 vertebrate species and five jaguars have been detected; two males, one female and two cubs, all this in an area of 19,140 kilometers.

The combination of the information gathered by the cameras and the eco-acoustic monitoring devices allows decision makers to better understand the conservation status of the ecosystems, the behavioral patterns of the species that inhabit this important reserve, as well as the impacts of extreme events (hurricanes and floods).

Likewise, this monitoring serves as a basis for evaluating the biological and ecological status of the area, which adds value for investors and stakeholders seeking to invest in these bonds, as well as for IUCN Green List Certification.

In addition, community participation in decision-making and data management is fundamental to accelerate monitoring and conservation actions in the reserve, while ensuring inclusive and ethical strategies for the technology used.

Tech4Nature Mexico Team on field trip

The entire project is accompanied by the development of a strategy to inform the creation of evidence-based public policies for biodiversity and ecosystem conservation, following a human rights-centered approach and encouraging the ethical use of advanced technologies. Finally, the project is driving university student participation and talent creation in Yucatán.

The Tech4Nature - Solutions in Focus report offers some compelling case studies in the use of technology for fair and effective nature conservation, from around the world and by people from all sectors of society.

“Hay un claro impulso creciente y aceptación por parte de la comunidad conservacionista para usar más tecnología, pero también para desarrollar y crear nuevas formas de aplicarla. Sobre esta base, estamos aprovechando la energía positiva y el impulso para inspirar y ayudar a que crezca una comunidad de proveedores de tecnología. A través de estos ejemplos exitosos en esta publicación, buscamos generar optimismo, acción y, con suerte, replicabilidad de algunas de las soluciones que presentamos”.

- James Hardcastle, Head of Protected and Conserved Areas of the IUCN.

ABOUT Tech4Nature

Tech4Nature is a global partnership to increase success in nature conservation through digital technological innovation. Created by IUCN and Huawei's TECH4ALL program, Tech4Nature is designed as an open partnership to implement and promote fair and effective digital solutions for protected and conserved areas.


Press contact:

Regina Cervera, Project Coordinator, AI for Climate


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